Compass, Clydesdale and Shire Horses

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Welcome to Compass Clydesdale and Shire Horses

Compass, Clydesdale and Shire Horses is situated on a farm in the beautiful Karoo at the foot of Kompasberg our closest town being Neu Bethesda, Our family consist of Christoff, myself and all our fur children. Christoff is a sheep farmer and have been working and trialing his Border collies since 2003 and training Anatolian shepherds as Livestock Guardian Dogs since 2005. Our family also consist of a lot of other farm animals, we are a registered Suffolk sheep stud called Chriscross Suffolks and also a registered Boran cattle stud called C&C Borane. We now  started Compass Clydesdale and Shire Horses, and own 6 Endurance horses. All our animals receive quality care and treatment and are bred with great care. Our dogs are a part of our family and share our lives in full. We selectively breed Borders, Golden Retrievers, and Black Russian Terriers and puppies are sometimes available (you can read more about them on our chrisridogs website).